Founded in 2015, the Boma Community School is in the village of Mto wa Mbu, Tanzania.  Through the support of partner organizations Boma Africa founded and maintains this free school as one their two primary charitable projects.

The village of Mto wa Mbu asked Boma Africa to help them to provide a kindergarten for the area of Mlimani Park. During the rainy season the young kids couldn’t access any schools because the creek would get to high and they could not cross the water.

This was a perfect project for Boma Africa, and the next year with funds from the Lindsay Kimmett Memorial Foundation, the first classroom was built, the Lindsay Kimmett Kindergarten!

We were also able put in two roadways to access the area, and access a water source to provide running water to the community (Thank you to the Rotary Club of Cochrane.)

The first class of students began attending in 2015, and the school is expanding every year as the children move forward.

The Boma Community School students attend for free, get porridge everyday, and they also have a playground (funded by Martin & Sue Parnell), the only playground in the village!

Boma Africa and Mto wa Mbu village have big dreams and would one day like to see the school with kindergarten through to grade 12 classes.  The vision includes international school syllabus, and specialized sports, arts, and technology programs.

chalkboard- 2015- boma community school- boma africa

Our Board of Directors


Lawrence Mafuru “Lau” who was born in Serengeti National Park and raised across many of the national parks of Tanzania. Lau started working in tourism at the age of 14 where he was able to marry his passion for eco-tourism with community activism.  In 2011, Boma Africa was officially founded and Lawrence’s dream of building a truly unique not-for-profit tour company that benefits community educational efforts was born.  Lawrence is the founder and director of Boma Africa and has also successfully managed the BCS construction and operations, as well as the Mto wa Mbu Community Centre Project, and the Sue & Martin Parnell Playground.

Leesha Mafuru is co-founder of Boma Africa and a driving force behind the organization’s successful operations to date. A Canadian expat, Leesha met Lau in Tanzania in 2011 where she was completing her training for Midwifery in labour and delivery wards in Tanzania. Leesha holds a bachelor’s degree in Health Science and is a registered midwife in Canada.  Leesha has fundraised and implemented over $100 000 for community projects in Tanzania.

Paul Hagel was appointed Secretary of Boma Community School’s Board of Directors in early 2016 following a trek up Kilimanjaro with Boma Africa.. A seasoned communications and government relations practitioner, Paul Hagel currently works as Litigation PR Manager for Shell Internaitonal based in Den Haag, Netherlands.

Sue Carpenter- Parnell is an elementary teacher with 30 years of experience working with children. She established an award winning eco- garden for her previous school and has been successful in securing grants and promoting various organizations.  Currently she sit of the board of directors for the Cochrane Library as well as volunteering for the humanitarian organization, Right to Play.  Sue visited Tanzania in 2013, and with her husband Martin, went on to fund the Sue & Martin Playground at Boma Community School.